Lisa Yeats a phenomenal Strong woman!

Lisa Yeats is One of the Strongest Woman on earth, in fact she was 7th at the last Strongman contest in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA in December 2017. We interviewed her and we are happy to give your her words. Please follow this amazing woman and give her all the support she deserves, and she look very easy going!

“I’m 36 single Mum of 4
Been competing just over 2 years now
Was 5th at Europe’s in 2015
2nd in England 2017
2nd Britians 2016
10th Arnold Amateur 2017
11th Worlds Strongest Woman 2016
7th world Strongest Woman 2017
Coached by Jenny Todd

I’m 5ft 9
Weight is 107kg (235 Ibs)
Pressing max is 105kg (230 Ibs)
Deadlift is 220kg
Squat 170kg

I have a part time job as well, but this takes up a lot of my time, 2 of my children are autistic so I need to be there for them.
Next was going to be the Arnold Classic in Ohio but we shall see if I go as suffered an injury in WSW where I come 7th.
Maybe bodybuilding one day as I’m always trying to be the best I can and never rule anything out completely.

Typical week is 6 days a week training, 1 is events training, the others consist of mobility, flexibility as well as strength and circuit training. Usually a training session in prep for a competition can last up to 2.5hrs long.

I wasn’t sporty at all, I was the kid at school who would write the note saying I can’t do PE, I had horses but that was as far as exercise went for me.
I became very obese after having my twins (numbers 2&3 of my 4 children) and I made the choice to change my life and went to a gym”

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