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Fanswise is a Social Media that allows you to set a monthly subscription price and share private content with your fans.
Your followers pay to access your private and exclusive content. So each month the number of followers (and income) grows.
Imagine if only 1% of your followers joins you on your Fanswise Channel?

Fanswise: where model and followers meet.

This information is for Model or publisher only.

Fanswise is a social media, where followers subscribe to a monthly subscription to follow private, longer or special content (like video) from the models.
Model earn a recurrent, confortable and growing income from this awesome social media.

Why join Fanswise? (for model or publisher only)
Join Fanswise for free. Upload your private video and share your content on your social media, website, partner site. Let your fans know that they can now access your special content.
You will earn recurrent income

How to proceed (for model only or publisher).
It is quite simple: sign in for free. Make sure you validate the validation link in your email (check spam folder and make sure to put back the email in folder). Then log in and go to my setting. Update your profile. Go to Menu > Add card to earn (once we approve your document, you can set up the monthly price).

Upload your videos and content
Upload your videos and let your fans join to access them.
if you need any help go to the contact section of the site.

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You will need also to promote your Fanswise channel link on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, website, etc…)
This is how followers will trust and join your channel. We ll send traffic to your media, so they will look at your link in the bio of your media like Instagram for example.
We ll also give your more marketing tips of how to grow your followers (that pay monthly subscription to access your content).

For any question, feel free to DM us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/musclegirlsclub_/